Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Perfect Storm

So...I've been saving up sick days for when Clark would get sick and I would have to stay home with him. But today was a doozie. All three of us were sick today and me with the worst of it all. I used to laugh about how people with small children just pass it all around in a vicious cycle. It's completely true! On top of that, Oregon has chosen to act completely crazy and snow in late March. We all sat in the window the other night and were shocked to see it hail so much the ground was white. And all this after the most gorgeous weekend that got up to the 60 degree mark. I guess all of the planets have aligned and we all got the short end of the stick. Here's to hoping for warmer days, minus the sickness.


Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

I thought Kansas had the corner on the bad spring bug! It's a bummer when no one wants to play nurse. Praying for healthier days! Love, Mom

Melinda said...

I hope that all of you are feeling better by now!