Sunday, April 18, 2010

We got bombed on!

Many people lately have been getting into the art of photo bombing. Photo bombing is when someone is taking a picture and you jump in in the background and make the most ridiculous face ever. Some friends and I at work even try to bomb on each other whenever pictures are taken. And happened me. My friend Sean was taking a picture of us. He snaps the photo and says, "That's the one. It's a keeper." In my excitement, I asked for the camera to see the perfect family photo and this is what I saw.

Thanks Clint. Just wait. You'll get yours!


Ben and Alli said...

Darn you, Clint! This is the better picture! How can I hang this on my wall? We'll scare off all of our visitors. Just you wait...


Julia said...

Why is the scary man at Clark's party anyway??