Monday, May 17, 2010

Vanity Fair = UPS

For those that haven't seen the latest cover of Vanity Fair, prepare yourself. First, it's nice to see that Vanity Fair has taken an interest in soccer. With the World Cup right around the corner (Only 23 days till it begins!), every one is writing stories and editorials on the players and places. Enter Vanity Fair. Hot on the heals of Drogba being on Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World list, Vanity Fair chose to feature Drogba and Ronaldo on their front cover. It's great that the world is doing it's best to let us all know about the stars that will take center stage at the World Cup, but why to portray two of the best players in a total beefcake pose on the front cover is ridiculous. We already know that footy players have nice bodies, but to grease them up like Chip and Dale dancers and have them stand so close to each other that their pelvises are nearly touching is just gross. And it's not like these two need any other excuse to increase the size of their already ultra-inflated egos. Sure...Ladies will drool, but Vanity Fair might as well change their name to UPS because it seems they are trying to deliver Drogba's and Ronaldo's packages to the news stand of America.

To see the pic, click here.


Ben and Alli said...

I'm so confused. I thought the picture was very tasteful.



Bruce and Janice said...

Wait a minute! Who left that last comment? I hope you didn't buy that magazine! Too bad I'll have to drive an hour to see it. Or maybe not! Mom

Ben and Alli said...

No, mom. I don't buy this magazine. And you can just click the button on the post to see the picture if you really want to see it.